Video Production Trends

It’s been almost a month since 2015 passed us by, and things change pretty fast in the video production world. So regardless of what kind of videos you’re looking to create this year, you need to keep up with these video production trends if you want you’re video to make the best possible impact.

Video Production TrendsHere are three video production trends to watch out for, trends that might be useful to keep in mind as you begin preparing your videos for 2016 and beyond…

Video Production Trends:

1) Streaming video

Traditional television is falling by the wayside (sad, we know). We once saw people tune into their favorite channels and watch their programs live. Then DVR happened, allowing people to skip commercials. Now, people want their TV programming instantaneously, and why wouldn’t they when they can reach other forms of entertainment at the tap of a button. This is where video streaming comes in.

Video streaming gives audiences information immediately. Streaming works best if you or your company is hosting or attending a live event; now you can bring your audience into the experience with you by streaming it live. With video streaming you can also give tours of your workplace, show a new project in the making, showcase old ones, give your audience a demonstration of a product in action, and more.

While not ideal for everyone’s personal or business needs, video streaming is definitely something to look into.

2) Incorporating video into websites

Last year high quality, attractive logos were becoming the norm on both company and personal websites. And while that’s still very much the case, videos are being used more and more instead to not only bring traffic to website homepages, but keep it.

If done correctly, a high-quality video as either a focal point on your homepage or even as a full-blown background can make quite the impression. A video, as opposed to a static image, will also hold the viewer’s attention and keep them on your site longer, which is a huge plus. The only trick is this: the video has to be of high quality, even if it means enlisting outside help. Otherwise you run the risk of loosing potential customers – even already existing ones.

Regardless of the kind of video, putting one on your site is extremely encouraged.

3) Shortening video

Lastly, let’s be honest, people’s lives have become busier than ever and with less time to watch video than in years past. There’s also a lot more out there on the Internet than there used to be. The majority of people are surfing the Web from smartphones because it’s faster and more convenient…and with so much to look at, the videos they’re watching are short.

Think about it. Instagram videos have a 15 second maximum, while Vine has a 6 second maximum. Even Youtube says 50% of their traffic comes from mobile devices. So, it makes sense that a one-minute video will be watched by more people than a two or three-minute video. It takes up less time. The more information you can communicate in a short amount of time, the better.

To put it simply, shorter is better.

Honorable Mention: 4K

Yes, 4K has been around for a while now and a bunch of cameras, smartphones, and TV’s have already been supporting it. However, 4K is really starting to make its way to the masses now, and should continue to do so throughout 2016.

To many, the difference between HD and 4K is minimal. Brights are brighter and darks are, well, darker. Richer tones and a slightly crisper image may not be important to everyone, but some say filming in 4K will make the post-production process easier in the future too. Either way, if 4K truly takes off, it may not be long before everyone is shooting and viewing in 4K.

So, if you haven’t done so yet (and your budget can afford it), start investigating 4K for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

All right, there are some of the current video production trends that will more than likely continue into 2016 and beyond. But remember: even though these trends are popular, it doesn’t mean you have to adopt them all. Do what best suits your needs, whether they be personal or business-related.

Just know that Struck Down Entertainment has your best interests in mind.

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