Tip Tuesday

Happy “Tip Tuesday” everyone (even though it might not be Tuesday)!

Here at Struck Down Entertainment, Tip Tuesday is a video series we film and then share online via our Facebook page. Its purpose – other than giving us an excuse to get behind the camera more – is to spotlight various filmmaking techniques, explain them, and then share examples of them with you, our audience!

Usually a bi-weekly series, our Tip Tuesday series has explored a wide range of topics, from jump cuts and the Super Bowl, to transitioning, over-the-shoulder shots, and much more.

We’ve provided all of the tips we’ve created so far below. Please feel free to leaves us your thoughts and insights in the comments section!

Tip Tuesday:

Jump Cuts

In Struck Down Entertainment‘s first Tip Tuesday video, we discuss three creative ways to use jump cuts to your advantage.


In this tip, we talk about frame rates, what they are, and what each one is commonly used for in the film world.


Ever heard of the Kuleshov Effect? No? Then check out this tip, where we discuss it in detail and give some examples.

High Low

During this tip, we introduce the “mascot” of Queen City Escape: Yorik! We also point out the difference between high and low angle shots.


If you’re ever in need of some news ways to transition from shot to shot, no worries, Struck Down Entertainment has got you covered! Just check out this tip.


We cover over-the-shoulder and shot reverse shots on this tip, because both can create several different effects.

Struck Down Entertainment - Tip Tuesday