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The Top 5 Videos You Need On Your Website

In today’s world, in order for any business to grow it has to advertise. And one an easy way to advertise is by presenting videos on your website. In a moment, we’ll give you our top 5 videos you need have on your website.

Top 5 Videos You Need on Your Website

Properly designed and placed videos are an amazing way to build brand awareness, show off a new product, strengthen an existing audience, or find a new one. There are many different kinds of videos that can be placed on a website to help promote a business, but these are our top five…

Top 5 Videos You Need On Your Website:

1) New Commercial

Nothing introduces your business better than a brand new TV commercial! A new commercial not only allows you the opportunity to speak to, surprise, or re-educate your audience, but gain new audience members too.

2) Old Commercial(s)

Allowing people to view your older commercials is never a bad idea. Just because it was last year’s commercial doesn’t mean it still doesn’t speak to your audience.

3) Product Spotlight

A product spotlight video is nothing more than an extended product shot, a way to highlight a particular product. Whether it’s a new item for sale or a product that is a staple of your business, focusing on one product can be an effective way to keep it relevant.

4) How-To/Tip

How-to videos are becoming increasingly popular in today’s YouTube-obsessed, do-it-yourself age. Teaching your audience members something or leaving them with helpful tips can be a great way to further connect with them and gain their trust.

5) Testimonial/Company Reel

Some might call company testimonials and reels boring, but they can be important to your audience. Presenting your business’s successes, commending company employees, or introducing the company’s owner in a fun way lets people put a name (or face) with your brand.

If you’re feeling really creative (and ambitious) try producing other types of behind-the-scenes videos, vlogs, or even an online video web series to further reach your audience and expand your brand’s website.