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Fart Force an Exercise In Absurdity

In a few hours, at approximately 2:20 AM (Friday night to Saturday morning) during Adult Swim, our brand new “show” Fart Force will premiere. The show will only be visible to people tuning in on FiOS and Spectrum Reach in the WNY area. This is because we don’t actually have a show per se.

Fart Force Crime Scene Poster
FF Crime Scene Poster

Over the summer, director Rob Imbs, and owner of Struck Down Entertainment Dominic Luongo had an idea for what is quite possibly the silliest experiment in television since the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion. Create a show and secretly insert it onto Cartoon Network through a media buy (aka commercial airtime). Our creation: Fart Force.

It’s something of an Andy Kaufmanesque move.

Also, each episode is only a minute long. Since we were buying airtime, that’s the longest amount of time we could purchase, so we went for it.

“It was an opportunity to try something new and different,” Imbs said. “We wanted to create something that was fast and funny and would make the viewer do a double take.”

Or in other words, it’s an exercise in absurdity, and we want to take you along for the ride.

“It’s the flash mob of TV shows,” Luongo said. “It runs in, hits you with the comedy, and runs back out before you’ve had a chance to fully register what happened.”

To sum up, we basically have the Schrödinger’s cat of television shows. Depending on how you observe it, it is a real show, except for when it isn’t.