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Crapsack Wonderland – The Cat That Is Not There

In the second chapter of Crapsack Wonderland, Disco once again finds himself alone and wandering the desert, this time pondering his time spent with the stranger Vegas, when suddenly he reappears looking for a missing cat.

Crapsack Wonderand

A man named Disco finds himself alone in the desert, pondering his life’s direction, when he meets a stranger named Vegas, whom challenges all of his beliefs over plenty of coffee.

Snap Back: An Interactive Story

Two characters, Tim and Gary, find themselves in a room with no windows or doors, trapped with no memory or chance of escape, all the while being antagonized by a disembodied voice that knows their every move and insists they press a mysterious button in the center of the table.

Snap Back is an interactive story told completely out of order. Finding the correct order is a puzzle, but because we know some of you want to skip ahead we’ve included the solution below.

How to Watch It:

  1. As soon as the video starts, click anywhere on the video to pause it.
  2. Turn on Closed Captioning.
  3. Use the spacebar to unpause the video.
  4. Follow along with the instructions at the bottom of the screen (see the note below if it’s not working properly).
  5. Enjoy.

Note: Be sure to click on the video itself in order to get the buttons to work properly. This will pause the video. Press your spacebar to play the video after clicking on it.

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