Film Analysis Friday

Happy “Film Analysis Friday” everyone! Wait, is it even Friday?

Typically once a month, Struck Down Entertainment films a Film Analysis Friday video. Then we share it with our followers on Facebook.  In these videos we analyze a particular film – or a scene within a film. Next, we spend time highlighting a specific filmmaking technique that was used (similar to our Tip Tuesday videos), praising a director’s creative choice, or pointing out something that struck us while we watched the movie.

While a relatively new addition to our business, we’ve included the Film Analysis Friday (FAF) videos that we’ve made so far below. Please feel free to watch them and leave us any thoughts, comments, questions, or concerns in the comments section!

Film Analysis Friday:


Kicking off our Film Analysis Friday series, we chose to breakdown a scene from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar to better explore camera direction. The scene features a conversation between Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and his father Donald Cooper (John Lithgow). In the video, we point out Nolan’s camera direction, and how that direction wisely connects to the characters and what the scene is really about.

Bourne/Shaky Cam

In honor of the recently released Jason Bourne, we decided to analyze not just one, but all three (sorry Renner) Bourne films. In this FAF, we take a closer look at the shaky camerawork used by director Paul Greengrass and his cinematographers, what we think said camerawork does for the films, and why the technique is so controversial. Now the question is: Will you give yourself to this program?

Struck Down Entertainment - Film Analysis Friday