The 7 Deadly Steps To A Good Video

When looking to produce a video for your business, it’s important to “get the ball rolling” early. Too many businesses skip crucial pre-production steps or start halfway through. If you don’t take the time to properly plan out your production, it will likely fail.

In last week’s blog, Struck Down Entertainment showed you the top 5 videos a business needs on their website. So you know that businesses can make many different types of videos, from advertisements to how-to videos to company reels. And while some projects do not require all of the steps we are about to present, many of them are essential before embarking on a video production.

Following these seven pre-production steps might just save your next project…

7 Deadly Steps To A Good Video:

1) Define your objective

At the start of any video production, the first question should be: what is it that you want to achieve with the video?  Are you looking to merely advertise a new product?  Do you want to drive more people to your website or mobile app?  Or are you looking to teach people about your business or gather new customers?

2) Define your audience

Almost as important as your objective, knowing who you’re really trying to speak to is a big piece of the puzzle. Understanding who your audience is – their age, gender, interests, etc. – is essential before investing further time into a video production.

3) Define your distribution method

Now, based on your target audience, where do you need the video to be presented? Should it be going on the TV, attached to your website, or on social media sites? More likely it’s a combo of various places. Also take into account how long the video needs to be, whether its 30 seconds, one minute, or longer.

4) Develop your concept

Once your goal, audience, and delivery method have been defined you must pinpoint the concept, theme, or message that you want to communicate in your video.  In the beginning you may have multiple ideas in mind, but the key is narrowing them down to a few overarching ideas. What’s the “big picture”?

5) Design a script/storyboard

Then you need to flesh out your concept, either on the page or on a storyboard – sometimes both.  Having a preliminary plan of what dialogue you want or what shots you need in the early going is a huge help before any filming occurs.

6) Determine your budget

This step is rather self-explanatory: how much will the video cost?  Sometimes a budget may already be in place long before any ideas are discussed, while other times a budget cannot be determined until after a concept has been settled upon and scripted.

7) Decision-making

The final step in pre-production involves making decisions – approving the project and meeting to set up the shoot.  Having people on board with the video is paramount – especially the major players within your company – and in some cases, outside investors or larger corporate entities need to approve of the video as well. Once everyone has given the video the ok, the shoot can be scheduled and the people needed to film, edit, and/or finish the video can be hired.

The success of any video production is determined by the time and effort put into properly planning the project. Follow the steps we’ve outlined above, and you’ll be well on your way to a winning video.

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